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The Tomaree Museum and Cultural Centre has policies and processes in place to manage donations to make sure that they comply with our Collections Policy.
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How do I donate?


If you are interested in making a donation, the first step is to contact the Museum Secretary via phone or email.


Please provide the Secretary with as much information as you can about
the donation, including images if you have some. 
The Secretary may then arrange a time to meet with you to view the donation and learn more
about its history, condition and relevance to the collection.


Please do not leave a donation offer at our Bobs Farm premises unless previously arranged with the Secretary. If a donation offer is not accepted the Secretary may suggest other appropriate collecting institutions for
the donor’s consideration. 


Once a donation is accepted it will be conserved, catalogued and placed into storage from where it will be available for exhibition and research.

The Secretary's contact details are below.

Contact the Secretary by email:

Donations and Bequests

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Tomaree Museum encourages members of the local community and the Port Stephens business community to embrace the aims of the Tomaree Museum and make donations and bequests to support the museum collection.  


Tomaree Museum is a not-for-profit organisation serving the community.


Donors can make a significant difference to Tomaree Museum's collection.

While the museum is yet to locate a physical space, the Association has received a significant donation of a number of artefacts with connections

to local history from the Carroll family.

Donated Artefacts

What historical treasure is hidden under
your house? 


While Tomaree Museum is yet to locate a physical space, the Tomaree Museum Association has received a significant donation of a number of artefacts with connections to local history and will begin cataloguing these in anticipation of being able to exhibit them at some stage in the near future.

Community Stories

Tell us your story about Port Stephens


We invite the community to contribute stories of about 200 words on any topic connected to the Port Stephens region including people, places, buildings, or events. These stories 'can be funny, sad, quirky, informative, humble or ostentatious.
But they have to be true.  


The website MidCoast-Stories gives wonderful examples of stories being collected

about the mid-north coast. We encourage you to do the same for Port Stephens and

help preserve the region’s history for future generations.


Tomaree Museum will accept all stories, photos and audio visual recordings but we need:

  • reference to any facts in your story so others can refer to them later.

  • accompanying images to add interest and colour.

  • permission to use any of the information provided - please acknowledge the owners of any images or material. Note that photographs taken before 1955 are generally considered out of copyright.

  • Tomaree Museum will review all stories with an aim to include all of them in our collection for public reference and enjoyment.

  • in consultation with you, they will be reviewed and modified to ensure consistency and accuracy. All authors will be acknowledged and retain copyright of their work.

Submit your story here:

Thanks for submitting!

If you want to submit your story as a separate document or want to add images, please e-mail them as an attachment to with a cross-reference to your name and story title.