King Street is the original main street and business district of Raymond Terrace, up until the devastating 1955 flood which engulfed the Lower Hunter. The business district has since moved to higher ground in William Street. King Street and its historic 19th century buildings are unique and in need awareness and protection.

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King Street still has many historical buildings dating back to the early 1800's. Because the area is prone to flooding people are reluctant to invest in the street. Hence the lovely 19th century timber, stone and brick buildings are falling into disrepair and the street is in general state of neglect. 


Fox studios could see the potential of King Street in when they filmed the Stuart Beattie movie "Tomorrow when the war began" in 2010. The street was used in many scenes and several of the buildings were used as sets for characters' homes.

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Early 20th century - outside 14 King Street, Masonic Lodge building which back then was the auction house for weekly produce markets

The 27 metre Estralita yacht being launched in 1948. The 32 metre William IV replica ship was also built in Raymond Terrace.


The river punt in the background is crossing to William Street.

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Photographs from Raymond Terrace & District Society archives