Lt. William Caswell (1789-1859) retired from a 23 year career in the Royal Navy to become a settler in NSW.  He arrived with his wife Susan(1806-1886) and two children per ship Pyramus in 1829.  Lt. Caswell received his initial land grants of ‘Balickera’, ‘Tanilba’, and ‘The Woodlands’ in March 1831.

Today, the property features:
  • Convict built 6 bedroom stone homestead built in 1831.

  • Overlooking magnificent Port Stephens.

  • 3 Acres of gardens and grounds.

  • Home to the first vineyard in the region.

  • Stone and timber column 30m long wisteria arbour.

  • Stone wishing Chair.

  • Original convict gaol.

  • Oldest olive tree in Australia.

  • 150 year old fig trees.

  • 150 year old Mulberry tree..

  • Circular stone wall driveway with magnificent entry columns.

 The 50 acres at Tanilba was chosen as the homestead site because of its commanding views across Port Stephens. ‘Tanilba’ signifying a place of white flowers near the water. In early 1830, prior to the grant becoming official, the Caswell family and three assigned convicts arrived by sailing ship to Tanilba. A rough slab house was built, convict huts were erected and as the family grew, a larger cottage was built, more convict servants were assigned and a gaol built, a fruit orchard, vineyard and vegetable gardens were also established.